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I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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The Brand

In a precise, infinite, and mathematical exercise, Pilar Restrepo the author behind PI PROJECT, guides her aesthetic obsessions with the delicacy of an artist, the precision of an architect, and the passion of an artisan.

Architect of small scales turns geometrical complexity into poetry that is expressed in colored crystals, silver, gold, blown glass, and any material that, through experimentation, can transmit the curious, vital and joyful essence of the brand.

Iconic pieces have been born from collections like Conic, Color Geometric color, Fans, and many others that preserve relevance in our clients lives that value them for their versatile and expressive power. Her jewels find an echo among her followers for the ability to define their particular style with a universal grace.

Since 2019, after almost ten years after its birth, Pilar Restrepo Joyería changes to a new name and image. Pi Project is born as a tribute to the infinitive perfection of numbers and the desire to explore new territories where jewels can express in other scales and new applications. The name change symbolizes the beginning of a new stage that relies on the maturity of the brand to encourage the curiosity that characterizes Pilar and all her projects.

PI PROJECT is present at the annual EXPOARTESANIAS and Feria Buro events in Bogotá, at Expoartesano in Medellin, design stores in Cartagena, Bogotá, and Medellin, and direct distributors outside of Colombia.

The brand is present in the digital world through its portal and Instagram account to connect with its clients from different parts of the world.


The Workspace

Pi Project lives and beats in a workspace in the city of Bogotá. This spot of creation turned into a cozy and pleasant space, where a team of mostly women works and welcomes all of the clients who are part of the PI PROJECT circle with music, coffee, and long conversations.

For Pilar, the workspace is sacred and magic. Trial and error are part of the creation process to combine figures and elements until getting what was initially projected on a sketch. Likewise, there is a constant search to prioritize and optimize materials from sustainable sources like recycled silver.


The Pieces

The creations are born from mathematics and digital planimetries that conjugate the perfection and rigor with the vitality of the artisan process and the chromatic richness that characterizes the brand.

From the minimal and modernist proposals to the most emblematic and colorful, all the pieces keep the sense of harmony and balance that resulted in iconic pieces like PI Stars, Fan earrings, and Blown glass seed necklaces.